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Hi Susan!
Our Riley is growing like a little weed.  We call him our little pony.  He
is a ball of energy and love.  He has no idea how big he is and always
wants to be in our lap giving us love.  He is a complete ray of sunshine in
our lives.  We couldn't love him more.
He's more than half way through his puppy classes.  He has learned sit,
down, stay, wait, leave it and drop it.  He's SO smart and loves learning.  
We're also teaching him to walk on a leash.  The trainer suggested we get
him a backpack to help him keep calm.  It has worked like a charm.  He
walks with much pride now that he has a very important job to do!  It's
really cute.
His favorite things are his kongs, ball and big sister.  He spends a lot of
time harassing her.  She's a bischon, shih tzu, poodle mix and weighs
about 12 lbs.  She hasn't really warmed up to him and likes to keep him
in his place.  But, he doesn't give up on her.  He just knows that one day
would be jealous of.  He has to play with every single one of them every
day.  Our house can become quite a mess quickly when he's in play
mode.  We need to figure out how to train him to pick them up!   We took
both dogs camping last weekend.  He's a good little camper.  He spent the
whole time digging in the dirt.  By the time we got home you couldn't tell
that he is a white dog.  He loved it though and was exhausted for two days
after we got home from all the running and digging.
Every day we're surprised by how fast he is growing.  He's up to 30 lbs
now.  He's gaining weight like a champ!  He has all of his shots and was
neutered about 6 weeks ago.  Everyone at the vets office loves him.  He
gets a lot of attention when he goes.  Who am I kidding?  He gets a lot of
attention everywhere we go.  People are very drawn to him and are always
telling us how beautiful he is.  He of course eats it all up.  We do too.
My fiance had always wanted a boxer puppy.  Riley has made all of his
dreams come true.  We constantly say that Riley was born just to be a part
of our family.  He was the perfect addition.  We love Saturday mornings
when he's allowed to come get in bed with us.  He's always so excited to be
there and can't give enough kisses.  His whole body wiggles with
happiness.  Those times are such sweet times.  I can't imagine our life
without him.
 - Toi Tuggle
"Jack at 10 weeks. He weighs 23 pounds now.  He will sit and lay down on
command.  He is now learning to roll-over.  Also he loves to chase a ball
and bring it back to you to throw again.  He is walking on a leash much
better.  He loves adventure and is fun to watch.  He watches television. He
loves the cat food commericals and barks at the end of the commerical at
the cat. He misses nothing in his world and will even chase after
butterflies in the yard. "
"At 18 weeks, he now weighs 40 pounds. He loves the fountain on the deck.
really doesn't run when he is excited - he hops which is so cute.  He has
learned to roll over both ways (right or left).  He is learning what "stay"
means.  He continues to learn and wants to please.  What joy he has
brought into our lives."

"Jack is 5 months old and he weighs 47 pounds.
Jack had his first swimming lesson on Sunday...he did really well. But
goodness, he was tired that evening and slept well. We continue to laugh
daily at his personality.  What a jewel we have in him!"  "We are okay
with you using anything that we have written in an update.  By the way,
Jack is the smartest boxer we have ever had".....Janice

Jack turned 1 year old on December 29, 2012. He weighed in at 81 pounds.
He loves the snow. He goes out and puts his nose down in the snow and
then runs like he is a bulldozer. He is such a quick learner.  He has
learned to wait when the door bell rings and now sits back and waits for us
to open the door.  He struggles with this a little bit because he thinks
everyone is coming to see him.  But he does wait. He has learned to stay
close to us when outside off the leash and if he strays to far..we just call
"this way" and he is back quickly within the perimeter that we like. With
so much learning going on....he just loves to please. So this has been fun
for us as well. What a joy he is in our life. He has also turned into a
cuddler. He loves to get on the couch and sit on Ed's lap.  I think he is more
human than dog for sure.  A couple of his favorite activities are going to
get the mail and going to the dog park.  If a dog gets too aggressive with
our other boxer, Lexie, Jack comes to the rescue (even if he has to run
across the park) and just jumps with all his weight on the other dog.  The
other dog gets up, shakes himself and walks away. Jack keeps a close
watch over Lexie and has become her protector.  One day another dog got a
little feisty with Jack --Jack just straddled the dog and then sat on him.
Jack looked at me "like now what do I do with him".  I called Jack to me
and we continue our walk around the dog park. Jack loves to meet and
greet every dog and their owner in the dog park. He is friendly, playful and
always keeps on eye on where Ed and I are in the park.
- Janice McCart
Here's what
Riley's family
has to say
about him!
"Dexter has been a ball of energy ever since I picked him up from
you! He is always looking to play and meet new people and dogs. He
is so friendly and loves to cuddle with anyone willing to pet him. He
loves to go on runs with me and swim on hot days. He is really
starting to fill out and keeps getting bigger every day. He is also a
very smart dog and has been picking up training rather fast. He
passed puppy training classes a few weeks ago and I have been
able to teach him more tricks at home. I have attached some
pictures of him so you can see how he is doing!"  
Kyle Hirsch
"Just wanted to send you some pictures... he is still doing great.
Had his checkup last week... Vet said he was in great shape. So
happy to have him!"
Kyle Hirsch
"Just wanted to let you know Dexter is still doing great! Here are He
has been nothing but a bundle of joy!!! He loves to go play at the dog
park and swim in the lake. I love to play ball or Frisbee with him in
the backyard. He is always looking to snuggle, and loves to fall
asleep on my bed next to me ... once again thank you so much for
the great dog!
 Kyle Hirsch
"The girls are doing terrific! We did change their names from Rocky
to Lava and Panda to Taser. They are adjusting very well. They love
the kids and are doing great with the housebreaking. Thank you so
"They are doing excellent! Thank you! They are gorgeous! Both have
gotten big and look terrific! Lava weighs about 74 lbs and Taser
weighs about 68. Everyone who sees them is in love with them."
Tara Chumsey

great.  Growing at a rapid rate both personality and size.  The little
tendenacies are my favorite part; the snoring, the grabbing the bone
and trying to hide it in the curtains or the chasing the laser pointer
around the house.  I am really happy that we are a family.  Thank you
for being so grateful and available for me. Sincerely, Drew
P.S.  The other two boxers in the second picture are not mine.  They
belong to a buddy of mine.  They played really well together though.  
Braddock has played with all types of dogs. -
Drew Martin
Lava & Taser
of Tara's Boxer breeding program as well as much
loved members of the family
Family !!