Paradise Ranch Boxers
Purchase A Puppy!
AKC Registration papers (some limited)
Tails and dewclaws done
First shots and wormings
Veterinary Health Exams
1-3 Year guarantee against genetic defects
If you are ready to reserve or purchase a puppy
from us and have read the Boxer Health page,
Please contact us by phone or email to ensure
availability of the pup you are interested in.                     785-220-0590
PR Boxers strives to produce the highest quality,
happy, healthy, confident puppies possible. Add to
that the generally eye catching colors, and gentle,
wonderful temperaments and you have the ultimate
family Boxer. Our puppies are raised indoors with lots
of TLC and several grandchildren who are always
ready to spend time with the puppies. Puppies will
come with a 1-3 year Health Guarantee, micro-chipped,
tails and dewclaws done, first shots and worming and
AKC Limited papers. Limited means that your Boxer
will still be registered but any offspring produced will
not be eligible for registration, thus Limited means NO
breeding. Sending our puppies out with Limited
registration shows concern for the integrity and
future of our bloodlines and reputation of the kennel
name, the health of the dog, a commitment to
preserving excellence within the breed by controlling
which of our puppies may be bred, and an effort to
help control the pet population and discourage
indiscriminate breeding practices. Full rights available
only on an approved basis. We hope that we are able
to help you choose the right puppy for you and your
family. Our boxers are bred with love and devotion
and no matter what their age, their welfare is our main
concern. If for any reason this puppy does not work
out for you, or if your life changes such that your are
unable to provide this puppy with a happy home,
please call us for assistance in finding him/her a good
home. We always appreciate and enjoy updates and
pictures on how our “babies” are doing in their new
homes. We are available to you for any assistance we
may provide. We want you to enjoy the new member to
your family!  If you  are ready to make the leap please
read some of the contract requirements below and
then read the Boxer Health page. From there a
personal phone call is required for the
application/approval process to be added to the wait
list. If interested in a puppy from a future litter please
contact us to apply to be added to the waiting list to
hold your place in line on the list. There is no charge
to be on the list but there are requirements that have
to be met to stay on the list. Deposits are taken once
you have chosen a puppy from a litter after they are
born and at least 4-5 weeks old. A contract will then be
required and final payment made in cash at the time of
transfer. In our contract you will be agreeing to a few
things  we want to be upfront about that you may not
have encountered before.

You will be required to return your pet to PRB if at any
time in the future you can no longer
provide a proper home.

You will be agreeing to NOT breed your pup unless
Full rights have been agreed on and paid for.

You will be agreeing to NOT Spay/Neuteryour pet
before One year of age or first heat for females.

You agree to feed a 4 or 5 star dog food and keep
your receipts during the warranty time frame.

You will be agreeing NOT to vaccinate your puppy for
Rabies until at least 6 months of age.

You will agree to include the initials PRB and the litter
letter in front of your chosen registered name.

You will agree to leave PRB as the primary contact
and yourself as the secondary contact on the
microchip registration.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any
questions regarding these requirements. We will be
happy to explain. There are other requirements in the
contract that are fairly standard to most other breeder
contracts, which are there to protect puppy, buyer and
breeder alike. These were just ones we felt the need
to mention up front for your consideration. All are
there to protect  every pup we bring in to this world to
the best of our ability for life.