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The Parents
We are proud to present the  
litter from "Porsha" and "Ike".
Coming from champion
parents on both sides, she
has a total of 59 champions in
5 generations! And it shows in
this girl! But she is just as
smart and loving as she is
beautiful. An excellent
temperament and playful
personality are topped by
gorgeous reverse brindle
color for an amazing complete
package on this girl!  
Porsha's Dam
Korvette's Porsha RN
Porsha's Sire
Sandy Hill's Texas Hold'em
Smith's Kansas Ike
The Parents
This fantastic litter is from our young diva "Bella
Star." She has  the most amazing laid back
temperament. Adapts instantly to changes and
commotion. She is great with children, other dogs,
even shared her kennel with a new rescue pup that
needed some security. A very loving, intelligent,
and affectionate girl!

This litter will go out with no AKC papers due to circumstances beyond our
control prior to our ownership. We were not informed of the problem until
after we had received AKC papers and after we had bred her. She is full
blooded. Contact me for more info if needed. Result is an Ike puppy at a
slightly cheaper price!
Smith's Kansas Ike
Bella Starr
Ariel-female- Sold
Aspen-female -SOLD
Axle-male SOLD
The Puppies - 4 weeks old
The Puppies - 3 weeks old
Banjo - male Sold
Brassy - female-SOLD
Bailey - female-SOLD
6 weeks
Booker- male
6 weeks
6 weeks
6 weeks
6 weeks
6 weeks
6 weeks
6 weeks
Brandy-female- SOLD
10 weeks
Beamer- male -SOLD
6 weeks
12 weeks
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