Past Litters
We use and
Immune System
Echo X Bo VV

Tori X Lincoln UU

Kenzie X MAX TT

Onia X Bo SS

Genesis x Tonga RR

Catniss x Bo QQ

Torianna X Tonga PP

Onia X Tonga OO

Genesis X Usher NN

Kenzie x Maximus MM

Tori x Yougui LL

Trinity x Yougui KK

Onia x Yougui JJ

Prim x Yougui II

Kenzie x Yougui HH

Genesis x Yougui GG

Torianna X Yougui - FF

Prim x Brew -EE

Kenzie X Brew -DD

Genesis X Tucker- CC

Panda X Yougui BB

Onia X Brew AA

Peyton X Brew Z

Kenzie X Brew Y

Kimba X Brew X

Maci X Brew W

Faith X Baggio V

Ebony X Brew U

Kimba X Baggio T

Faith X Baggio S

Genesis X Dax R

Maci X Baggio Q

Skylar x Baggio

Porsha X Dax

Maci X Baggio

Brandy x Baggio

Kimba X Baggio

Porsha X Baggio

Brandy X Ysios

Porsha X Ardantes Kalvados

Chesney X Ulrich

Rayne X Ike

Chesney X Ike

Porsha & Bella X  Ike

Jazzi & Daisy & Mandy X Ike
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of past puppies.
Gator lost his life fighting to protect
another Boxer against a Mountain
Lion that wandered onto the property
at his home  in New Mexico.