Past Female Boxers
Souder's "Daisy" Mae
Daisy is an extreme sweetheart with a heart of gold. Well behaved, great
with the kids, playful and very loving. She has the most amazing
personality. Her unique and beautiful markings and robust build just top off
this combination to make for an amazing complete picture of what a Boxer
is supposed to be in every aspect.  We were very pleased with the last litter
from her and Ike. With her flashy markings we should get litters with
stunning flashy brindles and sealed brindles. Regardless of color, you
won't be able to beat the disposition and build these pups will have!
See Daisy's puppies here!
Daisy has been spayed and retired and will be enjoying the status of "top"
matriarch of our household and training the young "girls", be they human, equine
or canine, how they should act!
Jazzi was the mother of
one of our most amazing
litters.  They were
phenomenal! We couldn't
have asked for a better
litter. Unfortunately due to
complications with her
next litter Jazzi had to be
spayed.  Be sure to check
out the pictures of that
page. They were
absolutely gorgeous!!
Please feel free to contact us for more information on past or
future litters. We always like to talk Boxers!
PRB "Jazzi"n It Up
"Maci" Shutts
Showing the
how to hold the
Babysitting for another momma's puppies.
A favorite
taken by
while on a
camping trip
last fall
Brandi is a home grown girl that we kept back from Ike and Porsha's 2013 litter.
Spitting image of her daddy color wise and her momma's refined frame all came
together just right in this black (sealed brindle) beauty. We can't wait to see what she
can add to our program! Update: Unfortunately Brandi had too much scar tissue
resulting from her first litter with us after a c-section and was unable to safely nuture
any future litters. She was removed from the program and now resides with a
wonderful family in Topeka Ks., helping to heal their hearts after losing a 13 yr old
Boxer girl from their family. She is close enough for us to visit often and it is wonderful
to see her happily working her magic to mend hearts! We did a repeat breeding to
her dam and the son of her sire to hold on to the bloodline so many of our past/repeat
puppy buyers cherish and have retained 1 girl from that mating and 3 from her full
sister Skylar's litter to our Euro boy Baggio to carry her line forward. She is missed
daily here by 2 and 4 legged beings alike.
Skylar is a full sister to Brandy and was sold as a puppy. Ironically, shortly before we
found out that Brandy was going to be unable to continue in our program Skylar and
Maci were returned to us due to a divorce situation. This gave us the oppurtunity to try
for another sealed beauty with the same/close bloodlines as Brandy so we would not
be losing the line so many of our past/repeat puppy buyers treasured. Sadly, Skylar
passed away after a long battle with pancreatitis shortly before her puppies were 7
weeks old. But she left us with 2 gorgeous sealed girls, Peyton and Prim and a flashy
Brindle, Panda to carry on. They are maturing beautifully!!!
PRB Ike's Little Brandy
Maci is an all American girl and a granndaughter to our Ike and Daisy. She came to
us when the owner of another of our past puppies, Skylar, could no longer keep
them. We had been toying with the idea of adding a fawn girl to our program
anyway so we decided to see how she did. She throws amazing babies and milks
like a jersey cow! She is a wonderful mother to all puppies, whether hers or not!
Ebony is an Ike daughter sold as pup on
co-own with litter back rights. Her litter for us
was a success and produced beautiful  pups
here. Unfortunately, her owners did
not have time for her and we have decided to
go with more Euro percentage females. So
she will be rehomed as a pet as she
deserves. She has that wonderful Ike
temperament and has pups in Search and
Rescue. We kept a son in the family.
"Chesney" Black Pearl De Los Hightower
"Chesney's" Sire, Eros De
Los Morritos, is an import
from Spain. She has at
least 54 Champions in 6
generations. Several
SOM's, ROM's and at least
14 International
Champions! She is a kind,
quiet, loving girl that just
likes to hang out and bask
in as much attention as she
can get.
She is now retired
and spayed and living with
a Veteran enjoying life. She
leaves us with a son and
daughter to carry on.
(pictured left below)
Now Retired!
Click here for Pedigree!
Poker Face "Porsha" Richards

This is one high class girl! Coming from
champion parents on both sides, she has
18 champions on her mothers side in 5
generations, and 41 champions on her
sire's side in 5 generations. That's a total
of 59 champions in 5 generations!
And it shows in this girl! But she is just
as smart and loving as she is beautiful.
An excellent temperament
and playful personality are topped by
gorgeous reverse brindle color for an
amazing complete package on this girl!  
Porsha was one of our best producers
and leaves us with daughters and
granddaughters to carry her legacy on.
She is retired and living in a pet home
where she is Queen Bee and loving it.
Pictured below are her decendents that
now grace our couches!
Porsha's Dam
Korvette's Porsha RN
Porsha's Sire
Sandy Hill's Texas Hold'em
Porsha Daughters in the program.
Porsha Granddaughter's
In the Program
Int.Ch. PRB Genesis
PRB Korvette
PRB Kenzie
PRB Onia of Porsha's
Last Dance
PRB Prim of Paradise
PRB Peyton In Skylars Last  Image
PRB Panda By Baggio
KImba Lee Vom German Dream

Uganda Vom German Dream
Aivengo Mulana

All Photos here credit to Amanda Duckett.
Health Tested OFA Heart and
Holter Clear
Hips and Elbows Clear

Photo Pedigree
German Import - Kimba Lee Vom German Dream
We were extremely proud to be graced by the addition of a gorgeous Full
Euro  girl from Euro Dream Boxers! Imported by Amanda Duckett, of
Dream Boxers,  from Boxer Vom German Dream Kennel in Germany as a
puppy. Kimba has been an amazing producer and has an incredible
temperament. She is a sweet loving, kind and quiet girl that has brought us
immense pleasure and 3 beautiful daughters to carry on with.  
Her first litter produced a Nat. and Int. Champion Yazzmine Von Euro Dream!!
And we plan to put her 3 daughters in the ring in 2017 as well!
Thank You Amanda for trusting us with this amazing Girl!!!
We bred this litter to obtain a replacement for her mother Chesney.   We chose to
do another outside breeding to a European stud. This pup stole our hearts from
the moment she opened her eyes. And at 3 weeks old had us wrapped around her
"paw". One of the sweetest, most intelligent well mannered pups we have ever
had the pleasure to raise. Her sire was
Ulrich Vom Igneshof , pedigree here,   
imported from Serbia by Brian Souders of Timberline Boxers. He has 24 Champions
in 4 generations. Add this to her Spanish bred Mother
Chesney and her 54
Champions in 6 generations, for a total of 78 and the possibilities are endless. We
are very excited to see what Faith can bring to our program! Update:
Faith has
matured into a beautiful lady and produced a phenomenal first litter for us!        
See them Here!! And Second litter HERE!
Faith has been retired and lives in a loving home.
PRB Must Have "Faith" 62.5% European, Heart Echo Clear, DM Clear
PRB Tema    Heart Echo Clear, DM Clear by Parentage
100% European
Heart Echo Clear, DM
Clear by Parentage

Tema  is a full Sister to
Tori and Trinity. A Product
of the mating between two
of our best Boxers.
Sire :
Delizia Baggio, and
Dam :
Kimba-Lee vom
German Dream  

Photo pedigree is listed
for each parent.