Male Boxers
While we are excited to be looking to the future and have made some tremendous advances in our
breeding program, we cannot forget where we came from and the boy that started it all. Ike has been
the sire of most all our puppies to date.  He is extremely laid back and has the best manners in the
world. He has not an aggressive bone in his body  and is a complete gentleman. He waits for his girls
or pups to eat and/or go through a doorway before he will. Very gentle with the puppies and children
and great in the house despite being an intact male with "good looking girls" in the house!
Ike has proven himself a successful sire for us and has consistently produced Big, Bold, Beautiful
pups with his gentle temperament and lots of substance. They have good conformation and builds
and amazing color. He does NOT produce "petite" puppies! We have kept back a son, Dax, to take his
place, and also a daughter, Brandy. Both of which exhibit his amazing laid back, respectful
temperament. Brandy has even passed that on to her first litter of pups. This trait among others is the
trademark of success for our program so far and we are proud to continue the line into the future
through Dax and Brandy. Ike has been retired and now resides with our daughter who has had a
special bond with Ike all along.
April 12

AKC Registered

PRB Ike's Lil Shadow Dax
"Ike" has been a phenomenal producer for us, stamping all his get with his
amazing temperament, intelligent and calm demeanor, and physical substance
and beauty. He is also, unfortunately, aging. So the time has come to begin
thinking of his replacement. We think we found it in one of his sons out of the
Spanish bred girl "Chesney". "Dax" is the spittin' image of his sire in physical
appearance and temperament with some of his momma's elegant traits as well.
The combination appears to be a winner and we are excited at the prospect of
"Dax" carrying on in his daddy's footsteps, awesome as they may be!
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Smith's Kansas
Ike has been retired! Thanks for an amazing ride old buddy and enjoy
your retirement with your "Sissy" (our daughter).
Int. Champion Delizia Baggio
We are beyond excited to announce the addition of International Champion,
Delizia Baggio to our family! Baggio is a Hungarian import, of full European
lineage and is fully Health tested. He spent some time in Spain in training before
coming to the US. We would like to thank Steve Lawrence of PowerHouse
Boxers for importing him and trusting us with this amazing boy and Amanda
Duckett of Euro Dream Boxers for referring us. He is every thing we were
looking for and more! His first litter for us with Porsha is looking amazing!
Baggio will have his own page and more pics and pedigree coming soon! With
the addition of Ike daughters to our program we needed a male that would build
on the substance that Ike stamped all his babies with. Baggio fits the bill
perfectly and we can't wait to see what he adds to the program. He also has a
phenomenal temperament rivaling Ike's that we are excited to see passed on!
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