New in 2020!!!!
Lets Try Something New!
Please feel free to contact us for more information.
We always like to talk Boxers!
RIP Boz, you are
missed daily.
We use and recommend
NuVet Immune System
We are heartbroken to
announce the loss of
Int Ch Delizia Baggio. One
of the best dogs Ive ever
owned and an amazing
producer. Can never be
replaced. Will never be
forgotten. Those
responsible, never forgiven.
He lives on in his
daughters and his last son.

Baggio was a European
import from Hungary and an
International Champion.
He was fully Health Tested.
We couldn't have
loved him more!
CH RUS,HUN, INT,GIB Elastic Marco
Pannon Box Kasimo
Page not current but enjoy whats
here while we work on updating it
with exciting news for 2020
upcoming litters!
News and Updates Section-
Last update-
Gonna try something new! I'm not experienced enough to write code to add a blog type page to
the website but thought I'd try having a section here where I can announce any updates or
details on current and upcoming litters or (as frequently happens) delays in getting pictures
and updates posted so it will be easier to keep everyone informed. I will still welcome any
questions about the updates by phone, text (be sure to tell me who you are so I don't have to
go look up your number) or email. If you have a question needing more than a quick, short
answer please call instead, my arthritic hands will thank you. This will make updating everyone
much less time consuming and make it easier for me to share any small PRB daily happenings
with everyone. I will likely try to leave any news, comments or announcements up for a week
and just add to them but then delete and start over to give everyone ample time to check in.
Theres not enough time or webpage space to list everything we have going on here at PRB.
Lets just say 2020 has been taxing and wrenching and nickle and diming us to the limit! I
appreciate the patience of all my waitlist members and apologize for the less than stellar
experience/customer service compared to what we usually offer. I am also still struggling with
the availability of reliable internet due to increased use from Covid to allow us to offer the
puppy cams again. I apologize for not being able to offer that at this time and will still be
working on a solution. To update where we are puppy wise, The 2 pups from Catniss X Bo litter
are spoken for, the female is staying here at PRB. The Genesis x Tonga litter- Female is staying
at PRB, the 5 males have now been spoken for. Onia sadly has only 4 female puppies (All Sold)
from a litter of 9 after a very scary emergency C Section for a stuck puppy on Sept 28th. Kenzie
had 6 beautiful puppies Oct 12th. (ALL SOLD)
 We did get Trinity and Torianna bred to amazing
outside males for early to mid Nov litters but sadly Trinity miscarried her entire litter. We are
devastated but hope to repeat the breeding next time around. Torianna had 6 beautiful Babies,
1 male and 5 females but sadly no flashy ones for those who were waiting for flashy pups. First
pick for males and possibly females will be held by PRB as these litters were purpose bred for
the express intent of producing future breeding stock for PRB. We are very excited for all our
upcoming litters and will likely be looking forward to our summer lull by the time we get these
litters on the ground. Our young up coming girl Echo was bred to Bo for an early Dec litter that
produced 10 very dark beauties, (pics loaded). I will be updating the females page to add our
younger girls soon. Again we apologize for the less than stellar performance on our end,
please don't give up on us! Thanks for your patience
Exciting News!
Two of our one year old girls both passed their Heart Echos!
Jade- Daughter of Onia X Yougui & Grace - Daughter of Genesis X Yougui
It's Retirement/Graduation Time!
Every couple years we have a few of our older girls age out of the program and move to
retirement homes where they will be treated and doted on like the queens they are.
Since we raise our own females here at PRB We are always watching and planning
ahead with each litter. So as the older girls retire there are always hand picked
daughters to take their place. We will be looking for retirement homes for Genesis and
Kenzie soon. We have Liberty and Echo joining the program this year as 2 year olds
and  a very promising set of One year olds coming up to replace the next set to include
Grace, Jade and Ausha. We also let these girls grow up in Guardian Homes when
available, so we are also always looking for loving, qualified Guardian homes.
A sneak peek below and above!
Onia X Bo puppies arrived Sept 28th!  ALL SOLD
Kenzie X Max puppies born Oct 12th!! ALL SOLD
Torianna x Lincoln puppies born Nov 17th! Pics Loaded!
Echo x Bo puppies arrived Dec 7th! Pics Loaded!
To those on the waiting list or who have a pup reserved currently, I am hoping
to have
new pics loaded of  Echos pups by Jan 23rd. I am making calls to
deposit holders
now to finalize choices. If you are a new addition to the
waitlist please remember that even though a pup may not be marked
reserved we are still working through the list.
It does appear at this time there
will be a few extra female pups after moving through the list due to sex and
color preferences at the top of the list.
I will call to give a heads up if it looks
like you may be in line for an available pup. Thanks for your patience!