Male Boxers
While we are excited to be looking to the
future and have made some tremendous
advances in our breeding program, we
cannot forget where we came from and
the boy that started it all. IKe left us at
just over 10 years old.  He was
extremely laid back and has the best
manners in the world. He has not an
aggressive bone in his body  and is a
complete gentleman. He waits for his
girls or pups to eat and/or go through a
doorway before he will. Very gentle with
the puppies and children and great in the
house despite being an intact male with
"good looking girls" in the house!
Ike has proven himself a successful sire
for us and has consistently produced
Big, Bold, Beautiful pups with his gentle
temperament and lots of substance.
They have good conformation and builds
and amazing color. He does NOT
produce "petite" puppies! We have kept
back a son, Dax, to take his place, and  
our program has IKe grandaughters. All
of which exhibit his amazing laid back,
respectful temperament. This
temperament is still showing up into the
great grandkids. This trait among others
is the trademark of success for our
program so far and we are proud to
continue the line into the future through
Dax and Ike granddaughters. Ike was
retired and  resided with our daughter til
his passing who has had a special bond
with Ike all along.
April 12
2007- June 2017

AKC Registered,

"Ike" had been a phenomenal producer for us, stamping all his get with his
amazing temperament, intelligent and calm demeanor, and physical substance
and beauty. He was also, unfortunately, aging. So the time came to begin
thinking of his replacement. We think we found it in one of his sons out of the
Spanish bred girl "Chesney". "Dax" is the spittin' image of his sire in physical
appearance and temperament with some of his momma's elegant traits as well.
The combination appears to be a winner and we are excited at the prospect of
"Dax" carrying on in his daddy's footsteps, awesome as they may be! While we
work on building our dam lines with the infusion of Euro blood, Dax will only be
minimally used. The day is soon coming when those special girls are ready to
cross back  to the Ike lines and Dax will no doubt excell at his calling and not
disappoint. His patience and calm demeanor are a constant reminder of his sire.
See his first litter
HERE. Heart Echo Clear. DM carrier, will only be bred to DM
clear girls for NON DM affected puppies.
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Foundation Sire
Smith's Kansas
Int. Nat. Champion Delizia Baggio
Even though Baggio has passed I will be leaving his profile here on the males
page for reference for now as our program contains his daughters. He was 7
years old and passed from Heatstroke at the hands of a ground shipper.
Necropsy confirms no underlying health issues.
He was healthy, happy, and handsome as ever.
Int/Nat Ch Baggio is a Hungarian import, of full European lineage and is fully
Health tested. He spent some time in Spain in training before coming to the US.
We would like to thank Steve Lawrence of PowerHouse Boxers for importing him
and trusting us with this amazing boy and Amanda Duckett of Euro Dream Boxers
for referring us. He was every thing we were looking for and more! Every litter
has been amazing and I doubt we will ever find another male that can top his
performance here at PRB.  Baggio will have his own page and more pics and
pedigree coming soon! With the addition of Ike daughters and granddaughters
to our program we needed a male that would build on the substance that Ike
stamped all his babies with. Baggio fits the bill perfectly and we can't wait to see
what he adds to the program. He also has a phenomenal temperament rivaling
Ike's that we are excited to see passed on!
UPDATE: Baggio is now deceased.
Regretfully, he died needlessly at the hands of a ground shipper from
heatstroke during transit back home from another breeder who was using him
on loan in their program. We will never forgive ourselves for going against our
gut feelings and reservations about ground shipping and not just picking him up
ourselves, so ultimately the blame lies with us for failing to protect him. But the
parties responsible will never be forgotten or forgiven for their negligence and
we will never resort to ground shipping for any PRB Boxer or puppy. So Please
don't ask. He will be missed daily, Never forgotten, and those responsible never
forgiven. He does live on here at PRB through some amazing daughters. His
stamp is all over our program.
RIP Bozman, I hope Heaven has enough squeaky balls for you!
Photo Pedigree
National Champion Born Ty UIn Iz Mira Anzheliki aka "Brew"
Brew's sire: Ch & Jr CH Russia Tranduil Korol Elfov Iz Mira Anzheliki { CH Jr
Ch Rus RKF Fire Energy Uno ( Fire Energy Ores x Fire Energy Matrix) X CH.
Chernaya Koroleva Iz Mira Anheliki (CH & Jr CH Rus Fire Energy Gor x
Ardantes E'Estie)}
Brew's dam : CH & Jr Ch Rus Sozvezdie Magii EgipetskayaStatuetka {Ch &
Jr CH Rus Fire Energy Gor (INt CH, Ch Serb & Mont Warrior Dei Centurioni X
Fire Energy Aleksa) X CH Rus Gelika Kapriz ( CH Rus Almadinaks Revansh
x Almadinaks Kselina)}
Spanish Import, 100% European
Yougui de Jir-Pia

Sire : Jir-Pia Phoenix
[CH Jworld Spa Ital. Mito do Vale do Lethes (CH POR, INT Nobel do Sul TS -
IPO I - ZTP x Katia do Vale do Lethes) X Kadalee von Inspee (ATIBOX CH
Future vom German Dream x Badriya von Inspee )]
Dam : Cabriola del Lecero de Europa
Ch. Esp, Fra ATIBOX NIcos von der Burg Singidunum (Nico Dei Cieli Aperti x
ATIBOX JG.SIEGERIN Fila von Zogobox IPO1) X Amaya del Lucero
de Europa (MULTI-CH Boreas di Casa Diocletiano IPO 1 x Dollar Baby de
Heart Echo Clear, DM/ARVC neg, Hips Good
PRB Maximus Prime, 100% European,
Heart Echo,ARVC/DM clear!
National Champion
Born Ty Uin Iz Mira
Imported from Russia.
Heart Echo and Holter Clear.
Hips, knees good. DM/ARVC
PRB Ike's Lil Shadow Dax- Heart Echo Clear,
DM carrier
Spanish Import, 100% European, Yougui de Jir-Pia
Heart Echo & Holter Clear, DM/ARVC Clear, Hips Good
Sire : Genesis Secret Ambition

Ego D'Anteikan {Mito do Vale Do
Lethes [Nobel Do Sul  x Katia Do
Vale Do Lethes] x Bat D'Anteikan
[Boreas DI Casa Diocletiano x Dai
De Cyberbox]

Victoria Brave Secret
{Waldo Del Tajo [Keny
De Fralocasti x Yana Del Tajo] x
Silva [Paganini Nostrum x Fiesta]
Dam : Sheena Brisart

Zenon Brisart
Nordum{Orobianco DCDI
[Herakles Optima Grata x
Aremenia DCDI] Madona
Nordum [Quantum Satis
DCDI x Greis Kelly Nordum]}

Tecusa Nordum {Via
Aveling Iz My Time [Ferrary
De Las Arillas x Via Aveling
Dragonda] x Greis Kelly
Nordum [Gladiator Di Casa
Vernice x Antalia Nordum]}
Usher Del Coure Grande
Heart Echo/Holter Clear, ARVC/DM clear, Hips Good
Usher Del Cuore Grande
Heart Echo/Holter Clear,
DM/ARVC clear, Hips good

Sire : El Moro HZ0, HD-A

Robin Del Colle Dell Infinito
(Antonio Del Colle Dell Infinito X Cinzia
Del ColleDell Infinito) X
Dagmar Dei
Conti De Puglia
( PLuto Dei Conti Di
Puglia X Miss Dei Conti Di Puglia)

Dam : Eclipse Del Cuore
,Atibox JVW, Int CH,
 SP-0, Hz0, HD-A

Kahlu Del Cuore Grande  
(Extreme Del Cuore Grande x Princess
Del Cuore Grande) X
Nina Navara
Suum Cuique
( Multi CH. Navaro Del
Cuore Grande x Uma Suum Cuique)