Female Boxers
Black Pearl De Los Hightower (Chesney) - RETIRED
Please feel free to contact us for more information on past or
future litters. We always like to talk Boxers!
Poker Face "Porsha" Richards - RETIRED
Porsha's Dam
Korvette's Porsha RN
Porsha's Sire
Sandy Hill's Texas Hold'em

This is one high class girl! Coming
from champion parents on both
sides, she has 18 champions on
her mothers side in 5 generations,
and 41 champions on her sire's
side in 5 generations. That's a total
of 59 champions in 5 generations!
And it shows in this girl! But she is
just as smart and loving as she is
beautiful. An excellent temperament
and playful personality are topped
by gorgeous reverse brindle color
for an amazing complete package
on this girl!  
"Chesney's" Sire, Eros De
Los Morritos, is an import
from Spain. She has at
least 54 Champions in 6
generations. Several
SOM's, ROM's and at least
14 International
Champions! She is a kind,
quiet, loving girl that just
likes to hang out and bask
in as much attention as she
can get.
She is NOW
and spayed and
living with a Veteran
enjoying life. She leaves us
with a son and daughter to
carry on. (pictured at right)

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Sire Imported from Spain
50% Euro
OFA Heart/Hip clear
"Kimba"-Lee Vom Euro Dream - RETIRED
Uganda Vom German Dream
Aivengo Mulana

All Photos here credit to Amanda Duckett.
We were extremely proud to be graced with the presence of a gorgeous Full
Euro  girl from Euro Dream Boxers! Imported by Amanda Duckett, of
Dream Boxers,  from Boxer Vom German Dream Kennel in Germany as a
puppy. KImba has been an amazing producer and leaves with 3 daughters to
carry on. Her first litter produced a Nat. and Int. Champion Yazzmine Von
Euro Dream!! We plan to put the other 3 daughters in the ring as well.
Thank You Amanda for trusting us with this amazing Girl!!!
Health Tested OFA Heart and
Holter Clear
Hips and Elbows Clear

Photo Pedigree
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We use and
Immune System
50% European, Int. Nat. CH. PRB Genesis - Heart Echo Clear, DM Clear, Thyroid clear.
Genesis is from an
outside European cross
Porsha. See
Porsha's pedigree
above. Gennie's sire
Kalvados ,
pedigree here, was a
full Euro Russian import
with 35 Champions in 5
generations. He has
OFA heart clearance and
is DM clear.
Porsha has
59 Champions in 5
generations giving
Genesis 94 Champions
in 6 generations. Her
playful, loyal, fun loving
personality makes her a
favorite around here.
She is my class clown
and became the Mommy
shes been dreaming of
with this phenomenal
2016 litter. We were
super proud when she
brought home her

International Champion

honors in her very first
show outing!!
2018 litter Here
2019 Litter
Porsha is RETIRED and living in a pet home. Her daughters at right will carry on.
Kimba daughters
staying at PRB
PRB "Peyton" In Skylars Image is one of three girls we kept back from Skylars last litter.
A Porsha granddaughter and Baggio daughter. We intended to choose the best one for
the program as they matured but all three turned out amazing! Gentle, Quiet, Sweet and
Fun loving. Heart Echo and DM clear. Look for her first litter early 2018.
RIP - PRB  "Peyton" In Skylars Image 50% European, Heart Echo Clear, DM Clear
PRB "Panda" By Baggio is a full sister to Peyton and Prim. A Porsha Granddaughter
through Skylar (Ike X Porsha), pedigree above, and a Baggio daughter, Pedigree on the
males page. As mentioned above we kept three girls back after Skylar passed,  
intending to narrow our choice to one but all three are amazing! So we shall see where
this leads us. Panda is Heart clear by Echo and DM neg. Hips to come after the
appropriate age. Look for her first litter around spring 2018.
PRB  "Prim" of Paradise, 50% European, Heart Echo Clear, DM clear, Retired
PRB "Prim" of Paradise. 50% Euro. Heart Echo clear. DM clear. Prim is a Porsha
Granddaughter through Skylar (Ike x Porsha) and a
Baggio daughter. Her litters thus far
have been phenomenal.
Pics here. Prim has the same amazing temperament our lines are
well known for, and she produces her color as well.
PRB "Onia" Of Porsha's Last Dance,  Heart Echo Clear, DM Clear, Retires 2021
PRB "Onia" Of Porsha's Last Dance. Just a touch of Euro in this mostly American bred girl.
Heart Echo clear, DM neg. As the name implies, Onia is a daughter from Porsha's last litter
for us. Her sire is our American Sire, Dax, (Ike x Spanish bred Chesney) Onia has an
extraordinary intelligence and working focus coupled with wonderful loving, temperament.
I am expecting her main job here will be producing puppies for search and rescue training
and service dogs. My goal if I can find time is to compete in AKC Flyball circuit where she
will no doubt excel! Her working focus and intelligence is amazing as are her puppies!
The Girls at a year old.
PRB Kenzie by Baggio,  50% European
Int Nat Ch Delizia Baggio X Poker Face Porsha Richards
Dm Clear, Heart Echo Clear

If you've browsed the site at all her parents speak volumes for Kenzie. I've never had a
better sire than Baggio or dam than Porsha in all areas. Kenzie is a blend of both and is
Sweet, Kind, Calm, and Intelligent. We have no doubt her value here in the program will
be amazing. She is is a wonderful momma and doesn't have a bad habit to mention.
RIP - PRB "Panda" By Baggio, 50% European, Heart Echo Clear, DM Clear
Sadly we have to announce the loss of Peyton and Panda to post whelp Liver Failure, of
unknown but suspicious origin. Both girls whelped within days of each other and both
came down with Liver, Kidney symptoms at the same time. As did Onia, and Kenzie but
they seem to be recovering.
We spent thousands of dollars on testing and treatments
trying to save them but lost the battle.
Several other dogs had Kidney and Bladder
symptoms, which immediately began resolving after switching foods. The hardest part is
not having concrete answers. All Testing Histology wise, and Veterinarian consults But
those toxins don't stay around in the liver once they do damage and so there is no real
way to prove what specific toxin it was or where it came from. The condition of the
affected organs was consistent with food borne toxin damage. All other known
possibilities of exposure other than food have been examined and ruled out. We have
switched foods and continued to support Onia, and others with Liver supplements and
home cooked diets with the hopes of a full recoveries. So far they appear to have
recovered. Our hearts are so broken over the loss of these magnificent girls. Those girls
were the poster children/dogs for beautiful, loving temperaments and will forever be in
our hearts. We are still actively researching for any possible clues or proof as to an
alternative cause so we can prevent future issues. It is a little known and under
researched phenomenon that I found several other cases of on the Internet. 85% of which
were feeding the same food. So a switch was necessary for safety sake. I at this time
have nothing other than circumstantial evidence, gut feeling, test results, Internet search
results, "OPINION", and concurrence of the specialists involved in the testing as to the
probable cause being the diet. Heightened by the curiously recent threats made against
us by the company for publicly posting the name of the food and diligently trying to do the
right thing by informing others of the possible risks. So I am not denouncing or publicly
blaming the food. We can only hope that we never see the issue again and that maybe
someone somewhere, with the means to fight the large corporations, will take up the
gauntlet and study the condition and find a cause that we can work to prevent. We have
since successfully whelped several litters on a different diet with no further issues.
PRB Torianna DM clear, Heart Echo Clear 100% Euro
If you can imagine what it would be like to win a Superbowl, World Series or Olympic
Medal then you can understand our feelings about this girl and her sisters Trinity and
Tema. Here at PRB we raise our own females for the most part so we can consistently
produce the mild, amazing temperaments our program is known for. So alot of thought
goes into every mating we do with an end goal in mind of our version of beauty combined
with the perfect temperament. Some goals take longer to reach but we can happily say
we are there...Tori for us is the perfect Boxer, in looks and temperament. Health tested
and from Health Tested parents. Her sire is our late Amazing
Delizia Baggio, a Hungarian
import and INt.& Nat Ch, he never grew out of that playful inquisitive phase and we see
imprints of him daily in all his offspring here at PR, from daughters to grandpups. Her dam
Kimba Lee vom German Dream. A German import hailing from the prestigious German
Dream kennel. She produced champions herself, but was never shown. Her even, level
temperament and surreal presence is passed to her offspring. Tori is following her
mothers footsteps and produces amazing puppies!
PRB There is Hope in the "Trinity" Full Euro, Heart Echo & DM Clear
Heart Echo Clear, DM Clear by Parentage
100% European

Trinity is a full Sister to Tori and Tema. A
Product of the mating between two of our
best Boxers.
Sire :
Delizia Baggio, and
Dam :
Kimba-Lee vom German Dream  
Photo pedigree is listed for each parent.
PRB Kenzie by Baggio  Heart Echo clear & DM clear, Retires 2021
RIP Peyton and Panda
PRB Catniss

75% Euro, Heart Echo
Clear and DM clear.

PRB Catniss
Heart Echo Clear, Dm Clear, ARVC Clear, 75% Euro

Int CH Fifth Element Gynmena Sylvestre
Croatian Import
Heart Echo & Holter clear, DM/ARVC clear,
Hips Good, 100% European

JCh. Toto Gynmena Sylvestre (Ch. Joven Atibox 2012,
Fausto de Val de Cayone x Luxuria)
X Riva Gynmena
(Segundo del Colle Dell' Infinito X Dagmar Felix
Tucker Pedigree
Int. Nat. Ch PRB Genesis
Echo clear, DM clear 50% Euro

Russian Import, Ardantes Kalvados (Echo, DM clear)
[Ch.Rus, Lit. Blr, Via Aveling Drivefast (Ego De Joanxichcan x Ch.
Rus, Jr Rus. Forzaroma) x Ch.Rus Ardany Iz Vladeniy Popovih
(Urkabustaiz Aratz x Ch INt Rus Grand Kaz. Braits Kenia)]
Poker Face Porsha Richards
Ch Sandy Hills Texas Holdem (Ch. Sandy Hills Bj from Showtime x
Jubars of Sandy Hill Ebony) x Korvettes Porsha RN (Ch. Korvettes
Sixty Six Stingray x Mercedes J Bigwood)]
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PRB Prim's Echo
Ausha of Paradise
PRB Princess Grace
PRB Essence of Jade