Current Litters
Ebony & Brew 2017
The Parents
We use and
Immune System
We are pleased to announce the arrival of a litter from these two. "Brew" aka BornTy UIn Iz
Mira Anzheliki is a new addition to our program from Russia. He is 100% Euro and a
National  Champion, Health tested, and a complete sweetheart. This is a first litter for both
dogs. Ebony is from our original foundation Ike lines, full American,  bred and raised here
and has an exemplary temperament as well. Should be a very nice mix and we can't wait for
them to get here. Born March 11th. Waiting list started.
Litter is 50% Euro.   

Pup 2 "Ultra"
Reverse Sealed Brindle
SOLD - Chris Cunningham, CA
Search & Rescue Prospect
Pup 6 " Uri "
Flashy Reverse Brindle Female

SOLD- Steve Heeter & Family, Indiana
The Puppies
Pup 1  "Uno"
Male Reverse Brindle -
Stuart/Kristi Luck, Texas

Pup 3



Reverse Brindle


Emily Boyd
Wichita, Ks
PUP 4   "Unique"

Flashy Reverse

Sealed Female  -
SOLD -New York
DiVenuto family
Pup 5 " Utah "

Flashy Reverse Brindle Male

Sold-Chans Weber St Louis, Mo

Pup 7  " Uzi "

Flashy Reverse


Brindle Male

Congrats Huggard Family!!
"Quinn is doing great! She attended a Search & Rescue training and
stunned everyone with her problem solving abilities! She is amazing! I
took a guazew/human blood and drug it in a half circle of 15 feet in the
grass. I let her smell the source, waited one minute then turned her
loose. It was unbelievable, she tracked right on it and nailed it!!"