Available Adults and Older Pups
Retirement Homes & Guardian Homes & Available Pups

We are currently looking for retirement homes for a few of our females. While in a
perfect world it would be nice to be able to keep every precious girl we come to know it
is just not possible or fair to the dog. We do not usually breed past the age of 5 years so
these girls have an average of 5 years more to give some loving family and they
deserve to bask in the attention of a home with a smaller pet population than we carry
here. We grow our own breeding females here at PR Boxers so that we always know the
history, background and temperament we are breeding, so there is always a younger
generation or two up and coming along with the current breeding age girls and males.
So finding time to fairly give them all the one on one they deserve gets tricky. We are
very serious about finding the absolute best fit in a home for these girls and will be very
picky where they go. Contracts and references are required and will be checked. Home
visits or delivery preferred when possible. Reasonably spaced updates on their
progress are also required. But all this is a small price to pay for the love and devotion,
laughs and fun these girls will bring to your home. If interested in being considered for
one of these girls or to be put on the waiting list for a future retiree please give us a ring.
We do also from time to time have older puppies or younger adults available as well.
Feel free to contact us to see if we have what you are looking for, if not we may know of
someone else who does.

Due to the multi dog situation we do also seek to put some of our clan into what we call
Guardian homes. A guardian Home is one where the dog lives with you much the same
as if it were totally your dog but is kept intact and available for breeding if needed.
Sometimes its the possibility of maybe needing to cross back on that line in the future
but not use it consistently. And in that case it is much better for the dog to be in a
normal home setting living a normal dog life until/unless needed. You take care of all
routine care and vet work just as you would normally do. Maybe with a few stipulations
on preferred practices and such to keep them in tip top shape for breeding but other
wise we will be responsible for all breeding costs and transportation if ever needed. You
get to share your life with a quality Boxer at a reduced initial cost and be a proud part of
our Boxer family. This is done mostly with adults but sometimes puppies as well in
certain cases. This is only done when the Guardian home is within a few hours away for
easy access. Home visits, references and a contract are required. If you think you may
be interested in joining our Boxer family as a Guardian Home please give us a call. If
your home is the right fit we will consider placing any of our clan in a Guardian home to
afford them the opportunity to live in a fewer dog household and get plenty of attention.

And last but not least we occasionally have older pups available to new homes.
Circumstances vary, but some are pups we held back to evaluate for breeding potential
and then decided to place, and some are just waiting for that perfect fit home that hasn't
come along yet, and occasionally a home will find themselves unable to provide the
correct amount of time and attention or life circumstances change and they are returned
to us for placement, which is a requirement in the contract for ALL Boxers placed by us,
regardless of age. All will be completely evaluated to determine the best fit scenario to
assure the next home is their forever home.
6 yrs old
Prefers couch potato status but could benefit
from light excercise daily.
Contact for more info.
5 yrs old
Prefers semi active to quiet home.
Contact for more info.
5 yrs old
Prefers active home that will dedicate time to
play fetch daily.
1 yr old
Single dog home only. (not aggressive, just doesn't
share well) Experience with Obedience Training
and stubborn personalities required. Fenced yard
a must. Amazing girl for the right home. Contact for
more info.
3 yrs old
Single dog home only. (not overly aggressive, just
doesn't share well) Experience with Obedience
Training and strong personalities required. Fenced
yard a must. Amazing boy for the right home.
Contact for more info.