Paradise Ranch Boxers
Boxer Breed Information
Boxers are intelligent, easily trained; family dogs that love to
accompany their family in both work and play. This is an
energetic breed that requires periods of daily frequent
exercise and playtime. Boxers are friendly and playful toward
people and other dogs, and have a tendency to be protective
of their owners. Boxers are an excellent choice for families
with children. They tend to be gentle, respectful, tolerant and
protective of children. Boxers come in a wide array of two
main colors, fawn and brindle, and can range from flashy
(with lots of white) to classic in markings.
Paradise Ranch Boxers
welcomes you to our site!

PR Boxers is located on fifty acres in a rural area just off a
beautiful lake in Northeast Kansas. We are a family of Boxer
lovers, horse lovers, and nature lovers. Our Boxers are all AKC
registered, and first and foremost pets for us and our 6
children and 13 grandchildren. They live inside with us and
interact and live as members of our family. Our Boxers enjoy a
very large fenced in yard where they can romp and play in
safety as well as the freedom to run and exercise on thirty
acres when supervised. They sleep inside and enjoy their
family "status". We strive to produce puppies of the best
quality, with wonderful temperaments, inquisitive personalities,
correct conformation, substantial builds, and eye catching
colors. All puppies are raised indoors with daily love and
attention from adults as well as children. We offer live puppy
cameras that enable deposit holders to watch their puppies
grow from birth to going home age. We encourage you to visit
Past Puppies page as well as the Current Litters page to
get a feel for consistent quality produced by Paradise Ranch
Boxers. We specialize in the sealed brindle (appears black)
and the dark reverse color.
(More info below under Boxer colors)
All puppy purchases will include the following:
AKC Registration papers (some limited)
Tails and dewclaws done
First shots and worming
Veterinary Health Exams
1-3 Year guarantee against genetic defects
DM Free puppies from Health Tested Parents
Boxer Color Information
There are only two colors eligible for registration in AKC
Boxers. One is fawn and the other is brindle.(White is now
eligible for registration on limited-non-breeding registrations
only)  However there are a wide range of variations to those
two colors. In fawns you can have the classic tan color up to  
a dark mahogany, or anything in between with variable or no
white markings. In brindle you can have the classic light
brindle to a dark, or a reverse brindle to a sealed brindle. All
again with variable or no white markings. A brindle is a fawn
base color with a brindle gene. The degree of the brindle gene
determines the appearance of the brindle markings to the
extent that you can have a classic brindle look  all the way to
what appears to be  a black coat with fawn brindle markings
(reverse brindle) or an all black coat (sealed brindle). There is
no gene for black in the Boxer breed so the ones that appear
black in color are in essence a sealed brindle. A sealed
brindle will always have a slight tint of tan-mahogany on the
tips of the hairs but may only be visible in bright light.
There can also be a black mask or no mask and white
markings range from minimal (classic) to lots of white
(flashy). By AKC breed standards there can be no more than
1/3 of the body in white markings, which is the reason for
limited registration (means they cannot be bred or have their
litters registered) on Boxers who are considered white or
have too much white in their coats. So you can see that there
is something for everyone to choose from in a Boxer's color.
We personally like the uniqueness of the brindle and sealed
brindle coloring so that is what we choose to breed for.
However there are always several different colors in a litter
so we always have a good variety.
Contact Us!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about
our Boxers or breeding program. You can find purchase
information on the
Purchase a Puppy page. Or check out each
individual Boxer or litter on the
Current litters page, the Male
Boxers page, the Female Boxers page, or the Past Puppies  
page. Thanks for dropping in we hope you enjoyed your stay!
photo credit-Tara Chemsae
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